Number one British brand Zone3 is pleased to announce the official launch of the new Vanquish wetsuit for 2014 at The Triathlon Show at Sandown Park 28th February – 2nd March.

Already an established product amongst triathletes worldwide, a new design will see the Vanquish continue as one of the best selling ‘high end’ suits on the market.

First introduced to the triathlon world in 2007, the very first sample of the Vanquish was seen worn by owner and elite athlete, James Lock, as he lead out the swim in the heat and final of the Elite National Championships. Seven years on and with countless leading industry reviews to its name, the Vanquish will be released this year as one of the most technologically advanced wetsuits on the market.

Driven by the belief that every little counts, Zone3 have stripped the Vanquish down to its core and remodeled the suit with a more refined and developed panel design. It is being pitched as one of the most buoyant and flexible suits on the market.

As Lock notes, “We are incredibly excited about the 2014 Vanquish! We have spent hours and hours in the water with numerous prototypes and leading athletes to establish exactly how the new model should be built. We looked at each panel on the wetsuit and its specific dimensions to ensure that every intricate aspect of the suit is built in such a way to improve the performance of the athlete”

Bouyancy and positioning in the water have been driving factors behind the new design. A 5mm moulded buoyancy roll bar on the chest will see athletes benefiting from not only an improved body position in the water but also increased body rotation, an aspect fundamental to good freestyle technique.

Flexibility has also been at the heart of Zone3’s thinking. Using the most advanced 40 cell Yamamoto neoprene, Zone3 have adapted the suit so that athletes can benefit from a more natural feeling stroke and decrease their energy output on the swim. A new shoulder panel stretching from wrist to wrist, along with an extended area of #40 SCS on the side panels, combine to make this one of the most flexible suits available.

The detail that has gone into the Vanquish again highlights the importance that Zone3 place on their products. As Lock states, “For us the product is everything. The leading industry reviews we have had in recent years are not by luck and are a testament to the amount of work we put into the products. This is the only way we know how to work and hopefully it will be of benefit to athletes around the world this year!” adds lock.

For more information and to pre-order the new Vanquish visit the Zone3 stand, number S31 at the show.  Zone3 will also be running a competition to win one these ground breaking new suits at the show.