Zone3 have quickly carved themselves a reputation as having some of the best performance wetsuits on the market.

Whilst producing wetsuits that perform at the highest level in the water, the British brand has also created the fastest out of the water.

Thanks to the silicone coated Pro Speed Cuffs â„¢, designed and tested at Loughborough University, Zone3 have created a range of wetsuits that offer a lightening quick T1 transition to give a vital edge over the rest of the field. Besides making an athlete usefully recognisable to spectating friends and family, the silicone cuffs allow the athlete to literally rip the suit off in 5 seconds (see video).

Named the 4th discipline, transition can often be chaotic and daunting for many triathletes, with the fear that a great performance in the water can all be undone by problems in the transition area. Sessions of practicing the transition combined with the right kit and a cool head can really give an athlete the edge over the rest of the field.

As James Lock, founder and CEO of Zone3, mentions:

“The most frustrating thing for an athlete is to waste unnecessary seconds in transition which you have worked so hard to lose during your swim training. Our wetsuits give athletes the confidence to enter transition with a cool head and get out on the bike as soon as possible”

The benefits of these lightning quick wetsuits are being felt by a growing number of elite athletes who are choosing to wear Zone3 worldwide.

Gill Sanders, current African champion and top 20 finisher at the London Olympics, has experienced the benefits that her Zone3 Vanquish offers.

“The Vanquish is not only the most comfortable wetsuit I have ever swum in, it is also the quickest to take off. It was thanks to my Zone3 wetsuit that I had the quickest swim to bike transition at the London Olympics!”