Surely with the ripping crosswinds of the Queen K in mind and proximity to the 2017 Ironman World Champs, Zipp has announced new carbon clincher disc and rim brake wheels they say “ushers in a new era where aerodynamically efficient deep-section wheels are no longer reserved only for ideal racing conditions—the 858 NSW is an every-condition race wheelset.” Zipp designers went outside the box with the 858 NSW, citing inspiration from the front edge of humpback whale pectoral fins, “which help provide this giant creature with speed and maneuverability.” According to Zipp, the biomimicry of the whale fin pattern serves up an undulating pattern (82mm to 77mm) that helps lower drags and increases stability. Available this November, specs and MSRP are listed below.

858 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc Brake

•1,834g wheelset total weight, 850g front weight, 984g rear weight, 77mm / 82mm rim depth, 23.7mm max width, 17mm internal width, 24 front / 24 rear spoke count, Brake Interface: Center locking (lock ring not included), Sapim® secure-lock nipples, Sapim® CX-Ray® J-Bend spokes, Cognition Disc hubset, Thru-axle compatible, XDR compatible.

MSRP: Front wheel: $2,000

858 NSW Carbon Clincher Rim Brake

1,750g wheelset total weight, 808g front weight, 942g rear weight, 77mm / 82mm rim depth, 24.4mm max width (front), 23.7mm max width (rear), 17mm internal width,18 front / 24 rear spoke count, Brake Interface: Showstopper, Sapim® secure-lock nipples, Cognition  hubset,XDR compatible.


Front wheel:  $2,000

Rear wheel:   $2,400