Warm Up:


5 mins nice and easy lifting cadence up to 100rpms


Main set:


6 x 2 mins HARD effort neuromuscular fast pedals.

EASY gear BUT holding 120-140rpms.

1 min in saddle, 1 min out of saddle.

Focus on smooth pedal revolution. 1 min easy in between each one.


Finish off with 10 mins at RACE PACE effort, regular gearing and cadence of choice!


5 mins Warm Down

Lesley Paterson is a two-time XTERRA World Champion and owner and head coach at Braveheart Coaching. Known as ‘The Scottish Rocket,” this fiery, foul-mouthed Scottish lassie can keep you entertained as well as kick your butt in to shape! For more training from Lesley check out her newly released 6 Minute 6 Pack DVD.