5 mins Warm Up
Main set:
4 x 4 mins as –
3 mins up steep hill at threshold intensity THEN 1 min at top of hill on flat with quick leg turnover and ALL OUT in effort. (30 secs out and back on flat so you finish at the top of hill)
Jog back recovery each time.
Focus here is on strong body position and high knee drive up hill straight in to quick cadence, short stride and FAST section on flat at top of hill. This not only helps with strength and technique but mirrors running fast on fatigued legs like off the bike!
5 mins Warm Down
Lesley Paterson is a two-time XTERRA World Champion and owner and head coach at Braveheart Coaching. Known as ‘The Scottish Rocket,” this fiery, foul-mouthed Scottish lassie can keep you entertained as well as kick your butt in to shape! For more training from Lesley check out her newly released 6 Minute 6 Pack DVD: http://www.6min6pack.com/