SWIM – 30 minute workout

200 easy warm up

4 x 25 build to sprint, 10 seconds rest

Main set:

6 x 150 as –

50 SPRINT, 50 easy BUT breath holding (breathe every 5 strokes), 50 HARD race pace.

30 rest in between each one.

100-300 easy warm down

The purpose here is to practice a race start sprint, then teaching the body to recover with reduced oxygen (hypoxic breathing) – like the start of a race, then settling in to a hard race pace to finish.

Lesley Paterson is a two-time XTERRA World Champion and owner and head coach at Braveheart Coaching. Known as ‘The Scottish Rocket,” this fiery, foul-mouthed Scottish lassie can keep you entertained as well as kick your butt in to shape! For more training from Lesley check out her newly released 6 Minute 6 Pack DVD: http://www.6min6pack.com/