A contest to win a weekend of private coaching from 6-time Ironman champion Mark Allen has been opened up an is available to enter at 1621infinity.com.

According to the site:
“Triathlon has its legendary moments. The 1989 Ironwar between Dave Scott and Mark Allen. The shortest period from application to acceptance to the Olympic Games, but none of those are even close to what 1-6-21-infinity represents as the legacy of the sport. The only accomplishment that may have eclipsed the 1-6-21-Infinity record might have been if Michael Jordan had been a Major League Baseball Hall Of Famer in addition to his dominance of the hard court. That’s how impossible 1-6-21-Infinity sounds but it happened and no one knows it.”
“What the people at Mark Allen Coaching decided to do after they found out about what these symbols represent is to put the numbers to triathletes everywhere as a contest. The first person to get it wins a weekend of private coaching in their hometown from Mark Allen. The second person will receive a new pair of carbon wheels from ENVE Composites, and as more sponsors find out about this the prize list grows.”
“To enter, anyone can go to 1621infinity.com and write in their answer. They’ll also be able to see the incorrect answers. A tip from the author, think big. Really, really big.”
For more info on Mark Allen’s coaching services, visit here: markallencoaching.com.