Danish professional triathlete Camilla Pedersen, 30, is still in an induced coma following her bike crash in Denmark a week ago. According to the doctors, she might stay in the induced coma for weeks to come and she is still in a critical condition.

The medical staff at Odense Universitets Hospital are working on keeping the pressure inside her brain down to avoid a surgery. Two procedures have been made so far to help her brain recover from the crash: One on Tuesday night to install monitoring equipment on the brain pressure and one Wednesday to drain fluids from the brain.

Camilla is being keep in an induced coma and is medicated on the highest level to insure the best possible recovery of the brain. The medical staff will keep her in the induced coma until they consider it’s safe to wake her up. This might take weeks and as of now it is impossible to say when they will try to wake her up, and the prognosis of her recovery remain uncertain at this point.