Reinfeld, Germany – Dec 6th, 2015 – TriRating announces the release of the 2016 KPR Observer that makes it easy to understand and follow Professional qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. The 2016 KPR Observer consists of an Initial Information Package about the Kona Pro Ranking (or KPR for short) and ongoing updates via EMail during the season

The Initial Information Package (delivered at the time of purchase) contains:

  • a description of how the KPR works in qualifying Pros for Kona,
  • base predictions of the men’s and women’s cutoff,
  • strategies to qualify for Kona, and
  • graphs and descriptions of the current KPR Standings.

Up to the cutoffs in July and August, there will be at least six EMail Updates about the KPR Standings, who is already in, who is close to qualifying, how many slots are still open and updated estimates of where the cutoffs will occur.

Fraser Cartmell, Kona Pro qualifier in 2015, has subscribed to last season’s KPR Observer: “Thanks for the support along the way on my Kona ’15 journey and your help discussing the KPR – it was appreciated!”

The KPR Observer is must-read information for those that want to qualify as a Pro, coach a Pro athlete, write about professional Ironman racing or are otherwise interested in the KPR. The time readers will save is easily worth the price of 39$ for the full season.

For more information and to purchase the 2016 KPR Observer visit

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