photo by Tyler Olson

We all know triathlons are a single-person sport. Sure, people race within sponsorship teams but the overall objective is individual success. Like other solitary sports endeavors, you are competing against other individuals where you only have yourself to laud or blame when your performance isn’t up to part. There are errors that you and only you can make which affect the outcome of your race, but you can’t rely on collective efforts to help you towards your PR. Or can you ….?

Triathlon clubs have been around forever. They are the ultimate athlete resource when it comes to planning and training for your race(s). If you already belong to a club you know how important and positive of a force they can be in your life. If you don’t belong to a club, seriously consider joining a local triathlon training group for events, training, coaching, as well as vital camaraderie and support you’re surely to gain. Here are just a few benefits laid out in case it’s something you’re considering.

  1. Make new friends! Joining a triathlon  club will most definitely improve your performance by training with like minded athletes. This social outlet / network will inspire you to continue training to reach your goals. Whether it’s a PR you’re looking for or just someone who’s willing to meet you at 5:00 a.m. for a road ride, these people understand your crazy lifestyle and exercis addiction and will be there to support you every step of the way!
  2. Events and Resources! Many triathlon training clubs offer a slew of events and resources for their athletes. Whether it’s an online webinar or  all-day clinic, many clubs bring the coaches and professionals direct to you! Often times free or for a very reduced fee, you gain all sorts of access to cutting edge technology, training, nutritional information and even racing discounts.
  3. Coaching and Mentorship! People training for their first or their twentieth triathlon don’t always seek the guidance they should when it comes to proper technique and/or racing. A club is not only going to provide you with a team of certified coaches, you might also have access to elite (Olympic-level) coaches and athletes that seriously live and breathe the sport. Maybe you’ve never had your bike properly tuned to fit you? Guaranteed there will be bike fit specialists who can finally help you out!

The member benefits of a training club may also include race and/or gear discounts, electronic publications and/or subscriptions, a small, community based forum for communication and support, and a never-ending supply of high-fives, silly emails, Facebook posts, and matching outfits. If you’re afraid of the commitment or not so good at making friends, get out of your comfort and meet some of your newest best friends. You will not regret the feel-good support group ready to train, fuel and compete with you on some of the best days of your life!