Back in August, accessory company Lezyne launched their second GPS devices, and they look promising. The line consists of 7 different devices, including two GPS watches that house more than just cycling features. So without further ado, lets jump into some of the features.


Seven different devices may seem a bit daunting, but when broken down it’s quite simple: The Super, Micro, and Micro Color all house the same chips and compatibility, but are just different sizes. Same with the Macro and the Mini devices- they share the same features but are housed in different size cases. Then there are the two watches that sport the same specs, but are differentiated by a color or black and white screen.

Lezyne has provided a handy comparison chart, making it easy to see the different specs, features and sizes of each device:


As seen above, Lezyne has done a really good job with their software and features. Each devices offers some serious battery life, and specs that rival competitors. One of the most sought out features will be macro-strava-startthe Strava Live Segments support. Strava Premium members can simply star their favorite segments, sync them with the Lezyne Ally V2 app, and the segments will then be sent to the device. Next, just head out for your ride, and the device will not only notify you when you’re approaching the segment, but will tell you how far ahead or behind the PR/QOM/KOM you are while riding.

Along with Strava Live Segments, the feature that seems to be most innovating is the navigation. Once paired with your phone, simply type in your destination in the app and a bike-specific route will be sent to your device-no need to build a route online first (although this is supported as well). From there, simply start your ride and the device will prompt guide you turn by turn.

micro-color-watchThe coolest devices in the line-up (at least for triathletes) are the two watch models: The Micro Color and the Micro. The watches are basically the Micro cycling computers adapted into a watch. They both house all of the same features as the cycling-specific computers, but also have the running, hiking, and lifestyle modes making them a great option for multi-sport athletes. The run and hiking modes allows for all the normal run functions (pace, distance, elevation gain, etc.), while the Lifestyle mode will turn off satellites (for battery saving), and count steps via the built-in altimeter. Lifestyle mode also tells the user how long they have been sitting, making it a great way to remember to get up during your work day. Lezyne has done some serious waterproof testing, but for now recommends not swimming with the watches due to the chance that the Micro USB port plug comes out.

Now onto pricing. Lezyne’s goal with their second round of GPS devices was to employ all of the top features at an entry-level price. With that in mind, all the devices hold great value and will be a serious competitor to others. The prices are as follows: Lezyne Super GPS: $149, Lezyne Micro Color GPS: $159, Lezyne Micro GPS: $129, Lezyne Macro GPS: $99, Lezyne Mini GPS: $99, Lezyne Micro Color GPS Running Watch: $169, and Lezyne Micro GPS Running Watch: $139. Lezyne also developed a heart rate strap and a speed/cadence sensor that they will be selling in bundles as well as separately.

In short, Lezyne’s new devices offer advanced features at an affordable price range.