You bought them a transition bag and a way-too-expensive aero helmet. They’ve got a bike worth more than your wardrobe, and more lycra blends on their shelves than they know what to do with. If you’re looking for last-minute gifts to throw in a stocking or wrap for a gift exchange, you can never go wrong with food … or “nutrition,” as the more hardcore among us like to call it. If they look at you strangely, just tell them LAVA made you do it. (For a snack with extra holiday flair, check out our recent review of seasonal energy offerings from Clif, Erin Baker and GU.)

3Bar bars, $1.99 per bar, $29.99 for 15 bars

Created by pro triathletes Erin DeMarines, these bars are engineered to contain exactly what your body needs to re-fuel. Available in Cocoa Crunch, Blueberry Blast, and Tropical Tri flavors (mmmm, coconut!), these bars are formulated to be a balanced, all-natural source of energy that is diabetic-friendly, safe for hypoglycemics, vegans, and vegetarians. Their smooth, fudgy texture is different than most other grainy bars, so try them out this holiday season. Buy them online, or at your local retailer.

cocoa crunch
Good on Ya Bar, $36 for 12

Back in September before he won the Ironman World Championships, Chris McCormack raced the San Diego Triathlon Classic down in historic Point Loma. Eating our way through the race expo later we discovered his secret: The delicious, chunky, just-gooey-enough GoodOnYa bars. With offices just minutes from ours, the creators might have to put some of their revenue into a better security system. Their bars are just that good.

Bonk Breaker bars, $24.99 for 12 bars

I tried one of these genius snacks on a 50-mile ride last weekend, an introduction I now consider meant to be. They are as natural-tasting as anything I’ve whipped up in my kitchen, and don’t leave you with that “I just ate a cup of sugar” feeling in your gut. Bonk Breaker bakes their bars weekly, so all orders are shipped fresh within four days. Also, we’ve heard word that they’re launching a new high-protein bar in the New Year. 

bonk breaker bar
Nuttzo Omega 3 Multi-Nut Butter, $11 per jar

This dream spread from NuttZo is one of our favorite nut butters around the LAVA office. If the triathlete on your list loves real food (in the form of organic nuts and seeds), this stuff will blow them away. Read our more thorough review on the product here.

nuttzo in post
One-Hour Workouts, $24.99

OK so it’s not edible, but this bite-sized workouts book from Velo Press offers training session “snacks” that busy athletes can sneak into a full day. Compact and sweatproof, it’s easily stashed in a gym bag or desk drawer, and the workouts are grouped for quick reference. Five free workouts and the table of contents are available at Available on Amazon and Velogear.

one-hour workouts