During a training swim in Pflugerville, TX last month, the weather got worse and the wind whipped waves turned a training swim into a test of survival for one triathlete. Luckily, Diane was wearing the Swim IT and literally came upon a drowning swimmer by accident and deployed her swim safety device. Diane’s cool head and deployment of the Swim IT during an unexpected change in weather, saved the life of another triathlete.  Both women agree that the USA Triathlon race approved swim safety device, the Swim IT, prevented a fatality that day.  Here is her story.

“I ran into a situation with another swimmer who found herself in distress in the lake after the wind picked up unexpectedly. I was able to inflate my Swim IT and hand it off to her. She immediately calmed down and I could get her safely back to shore. Because I am not that strong of a swimmer, I would not have been able to help her without IT. I never thought about the need to help someone else, but now I know that I can with this product, Swim It. Thanks again. Oh and my husband who thought it was a great idea for me but not him has now ordered himself one. Not sure why anyone would open water swim without it.”

For more information on Swim IT visit: www.myswimit.com