Just weeks after revealing the Wing57 Limited Edition Color Collection, Rudy Project is proud to unveil 3 new designs sweeping the sides on the aero lid which Gear Patrol named “Best Triathlon Helmet”: the Wing57 Custom Color Collection. Exclusive to the North American market, these three unmistakable colors will blaze past the competition on race day.

“Any kit, any style, you can match it and be the fastest,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-founder of Rudy Project North America. “Athletes and editors alike have known the Wing57 to be unbelievably fast and cool, but with the addition of these 3 new custom colors that we designed specifically for North America with feedback from our pros, the Wing57 is now the coolest looking as well. With 11 color options to choose from, you’re in control of your style.”

With multiple advanced technologies including a fully integrated and removable optical shield, a dorsal ridge to change lateral wind force into forward momentum, and the Vortex Killer System which straightens tail air flow and significantly reduces drag, the Wing57 stands on top of the podium for cyclists and triathletes. As if the structure of the helmet was not fast enough, the newest color collection features roaring flames and vibrant colors, making its looks equally as intimidating as its speed.