We got to try new flavors (and new delivery methods) from two of our favorite performance beverage companies this week. Mix1’s new Chocolate and Vanilla boxed drinks made us feel like kids again, and Cytomax Sports’ Stick Packs helped us stash energy in our desks, drawers, and jerseys.

Cytomax Sports Stick Packs

After introducing its new, stevia-enhanced formula in April (where they made our list of Sea Otter picks) the company recently began shipping its new Stick Packs to retailers and distributors nationwide. These 25-gram sticks are equivalent to one scoop of powder, and are available in Cool Citrus, Pomegranate Berry, Tangy Orange and Tropical Fruit. Better yet, they’re green and clean: The recyclable foil wrapper is sweat proof and is easily stored in your jersey pocket.

The new, naturally-sweetened formula has been well received by endurance athletes. The company’s Advanced Carbohydrate System (ACS), provides superior fuel to working muscles, and helps lower acid buildup. The unique carbohydrate blend allows optimal absorption for the carbs and electrolytes that are so vital to our training and racing. Look for the new packaging at independent bike dealers, GNC, Performance Bike, REI, Roadrunner Sports, Sports Basement,  and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Mix1 Vanilla and Chocolate All-Natural Protein Shakes

LAVA pretty much runs on Mix1’s colorful variety of healthy, protein-packed smoothies, so when they trotted in here loaded up with chocolate and vanilla boxed drinks, our inner 5-year-olds shrieked with excitment. Remember when lunch was as simple as pb&j and a box of chocolate milk? Mix1 is bringing the simple back to recovery, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Although my personal favorite still has to be their Blueberry Vanilla smoothie, these two new flavors are a welcome change. They have that “this must be good for me” flavor without being the latest SlimFast. In fact, stacked up to Walmart’s diet aisle staples, these drinks fare pretty well. They have less fat and sugar, and more protein than SlimFast and Ensure, and fewer calories and fat than Muscle Milk. (And I know most of you don’t care a hair about this, but design-wise, they’re a lot cuter to tote around.)

So next time you need to fuel a run or get a quick dose of the good stuff in you after a swim, don’t get weighed down. Pick up a 11-ounce shot of one of these and get ready to shake up your protein routine. Your muscles will be glad you mixed it up with Mix1. Per box: 200 calories, 2.5 g fat, 125 mg sodium, 29 g carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 15g protein.