By Ashley Lauretta

Known for pushing boundaries in performance, this week ROKA has announced the release of their newest wetsuit, the Maverick X.

An evolution of their Maverick Pro, they have found a way to liberate swimmers from restriction to create what they are calling the freest, fastest wetsuit ever built.

We have engineered a new wetsuit…faster swimming with better mechanics, less effort and no shoulder strain…

“We have engineered a new wetsuit design with technologies that translate to faster swimming with better mechanics, less effort and no shoulder strain,” explains Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA. “With more than three decades of elite swimming experience, the ROKA development team has an obsession with flexibility. It led to a unique patent-pending innovation called Revolution X that allows the Maverick X wetsuit to offer unrivaled mobility by virtually eliminating restriction.”


When building the wetsuit, they are unconventional, setting the upper limbs in the arms-up position. They were able to find a ratio in the interplay between arm position and pattern making that won’t restrict movement, known as their RSX Body Positioning Technology. This helps to optimize swim mechanics and increase buoyancy so speed is not inhibited.

There are additional advances in design, construction and materials, including independent neck paneling and eight separate neoprene/liner combinations offering compression, flexibility, thermodynamics and more, just where swimmers need it.

The Maverick X is on sale now at and will set athletes back $900. Look for the wetsuit in competition, where pros such as Javier Gomez, Jesse Thomas and Katie Zaferes will be competing in it.