Normally, I wouldn’t think that “cool” and “wipes” could be used in the same sentence with a whole lot of gusto, but I have got to say that Action Wipes by Harbinger are some pretty cool wipes.

Before researching this product, I hadn’t really though about all the times I could have used an alternative to a shower when a shower wasn’t readily available. But then I realized: We could basically all use a body wipe for anything ever at any time. Post-workout freshening up before heading back to work? Racing? Camping? Hiking? Airplane riding? Usability is definitely not a question when it comes to body wipes. The question, then, becomes: What is the best body wipe to use if I’m going to use them so often?

I’m pretty convinced that the answer to that is Action Wipes. Little did I know, a lot goes into making a safe and effective body wipe. Not only are Action Wipes derived from natural plant ingredients, but the formula is capable of removing dirt, sweat, and odor without leaving that sticky feeling on your body that you get when you use a baby wipe (which really just smudges around the dirt while making you smell like a 2-year-old).

Action Wipes’ ingredients are fairly simple. They contain water, a preservative derived from the berries of the Rowan shrub, coconut oil derived from emollient, surfactant and preservative, sugarcane, Frankincense Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Ylang Ylang Oil. And the woman behind this seemingly perfect concoction, Martha Van Inwegen, really knows her stuff. Having been raised by her grandparents in Mexico, she watched her grandmother make natural salves, soaps and body lotions from botanicals grown and gathered locally, and this utilization of natural, simple products made an impression on her. She went on to develop various cosmetic companies and product lines, leading up to her development of Action Wipes.

Action Wipes has developed a product that really holds its own against other body wipes. The size of the wipe is impressive, being 9″ by 10″, it produces a natural lather that doesn’t have to be rinsed off, and it leaves the skin feeling clean instead of somewhat smudged clean with a hint of synthetic fragrance.

So as I sit here thinking about the upcoming camping trip I have, or the weekend I’ll be at a hot, crowded two-day music festival where I’ll be sleeping in a van, or my weekly hikes, I’m also thinking about how nice it’ll be to have a shower in my pocket thanks to these super cool Action Wipes body wipes.