Though the tagline for the GoodOnYa bar is “Every Ingredient Matters”, when you do your research on the folks behind GoodOnYa, you realize that this company is about much more than healthy ingredients–they’re about living a healthy lifestyle.

I personally tried the Peanut Butter Honey Bar, which is free of GMO’s, soy, grain, gluten, and dairy. What it does contain is simple: Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Raw Honey, Organic Sprouted Flax, Organic Raw Sesame Seeds, Organic Raw Hemp Seeds, Celtic Sea Salt, and Organic Vanilla. That’s it. And when I took my first bite of the bar, it was clear that all of these ingredients truly do matter; I was a bit taken aback (in a good way) by the bold flavor, simply because there was so much of it. There’s definitely something to be said for natural, organic ingredients that are untainted by pesticides or genetic alteration. And these GoodOnYa bars are speaking volumes.

What’s as equally important to me as the taste of these bars is where they’re coming from. Founded by Kristen Buchanan, the company seems to be fighting against the mainstream, corporate food industry with every aspect of their business. Their food is organic, their café is plastic free, and even their merchant services partner donates 10 percent of proceeds to charity and is constantly working to reduce GoodOnYa’s ecological footprint. There’s something about eating a bar that you know its coming from a place of good that makes it taste just that much sweeter.

Buchanan founded the company in 2001, following an 11-year stretch of playing field hockey for the US National team. According to Buchanan, she developed an autoimmune disease of the thyroid after 11 years of a low fat, high carb diet. Since then, she has placed a huge emphasis in her life, and in her business, on discovering healthy, unprocessed alternatives. Buchanan writes on the GoodOnYa website, “We don’t like ingredients that aren’t directly from nature. We just don’t think you should be eating things you can make yourself.  So we decided to make our own, and here we are.”

Though the bars get some criticism for their high fat content (my Peanut Butter Honey Bar had 19.9 grams of fat) a big part of Buchanan and GoodOnYa’s argument and vision is that fat has gotten a bad wrap, and sugar is the true culprit. GoodOnYa argues that sugar provides empty calories that don’t fill you up (and comes with other drawbacks like increasing the amount of insulin being released in your body, which has a primary goal of storing fat). Meanwhile, fat itself fuels your metabolism and enables your body to release stored fat for energy. And the sugar that is present in a GoodOnYaBar is straight from nature, in the form of raw honey or pure maple syrup.

So essentially, when you buy a GoodOnYa bar, you’re not just doing your body a little bit of peanut buttery good. You’re doing the world a little good, by supporting a small environmentally and health conscious company that’s just looking to bring a little bit of nature back to American’s diets.