After hours spent on a bike or perhaps on a long road run, the last thing you want to do is prepare that big, hearty breakfast you deserve. And while it’s easy to just go out to brunch, why not save some time and money by prepping a wonderfully healthy, hearty and delicious meal at home? Utilizing a slow-cooker (i.e. crock pot) is an excellent way to have breakfast cooking while you’re out and about.

Many slow-cooker meals take 6-8 hours to cook. But, if you adjust the cooking setting to ‘high’ most of them can be done in about three hours, which is perfect if you plan to go out for a long weekend workout. All you have to do is a mere 10 minutes of preparation, and then you can be out the door in no time.

The Breakfast Frittata is all about traditional breakfast flavors: potatoes, eggs and sausage. I ‘health-ed’ it up as best I could by using sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, as well as maple-apple flavored chicken sausage instead of pig sausage. Then, I wanted to eek in a little bit of vegetables so I added chopped red bell pepper and white sweet onion. To make sure this mixture coagulates into a cohesive ‘frittata’ you could add cream or butter, but I choose a healthier alternative, coconut milk.

The preparation itself is just a matter of chopping up the vegetables, sausage and scrambling some eggs. Piling and layering the ingredients into the slow-cooker takes no time at all. You put a lid on it and set the timer, and you are all set to get your weekend ride, run, or workout on!

Preparation Time: 10 minutes


1 medium to large sweet potato (sliced thinly)

½ c coconut milk

3 (pre-cooked) chicken sausages

1 chopped large red bell pepper

¾ c chopped sweet onion

6 large eggs

pepper to taste


  1. Slice and chop up sweet potato, chicken sausages, red bell pepper and sweet onion.
  2. Scramble 6 large eggs in a bowl.
  3. Coat edges of slow cooker with coconut oil or coconut oil spray.
  4. Place sweet potato slices on the bottom and layer chicken sausage slices atop.
  5. Pour ½ c coconut milk over sweet potato and chicken sausage mixture. Then, layer with the chopped red bell pepper and sweet onion. Drizzle scrambled egg mixture atop.
  6. Season with pepper and/or whatever other seasoning you would like.
  7. Set slow-cooker to ‘high’ and cook for 3 hours.

Serves: 2-4 people (depending on how hard you worked out!)

Coming home to the aroma of a warm breakfast cooked and waiting for you is the absolute best way to end a hard, grueling weekend workout! The slow-cooker is not just for pot roasts and casseroles.  Be creative and make your own Breakfast Frittata with whatever ingredients you like!