They’ve been accused of housing tiny motors. Having a brake track so solid that ‘black magic’ was the only explanation. Since their launch, TwentyFour Series wheels have been helping athletes get to T2 faster – and Profile Design has, until now, been pretty quiet about their free FastFleet race day demo program.

Despite a low-key launch of the new program in March at IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside, RSVPs were sold-out within hours. “It wasn’t pre-announced. I would say most people were not sure what to expect,” said Larissa Lewis, Marketing Manager with Profile Design. “We posted something on Facebook about it and later that day ran a very cleverly targeted Facebook ad. The ad ran for about 10 minutes. The RSVPs were gone. At the event, so many people came by asking about it, that we took down all the wheels we had brought for display and sent them out on the road.”

90% of athletes who have participated in the free FastFleet program not only posted new personal records, but also purchased a TwentyFour Series wheelset within 20 days of the event. Now, the secret is out. The next stop for the free FastFleet TwentyFour Series demo program will be Challenge Atlantic City on June 29th, the debut stop of Challenge Family events here in the USA.

Preliminary course modeling of Challenge Atlantic City’s bike course has predicted a nearly 10-minute time-savings over an aluminum wheelset, and will put you in T2 faster by minimum of 1-minute over other carbon competitors.

RSVPs for Challenge Atlantic City will open on Monday June 2nd at 12:00PM EST on the Profile Design Facebook page. But a final word of advice from one TwentyFour Series demoee: “Be advised you should also purchase carbon fiber cycling shorts so you don’t get burned upon reentry into the atmosphere and always wear 2 pair of socks because these wheels will blow your socks off.”