Running form expert Valerie Hunt wants to perfect your run form. From overhauling the way you run and aiding in injury prevention, over the coming months Valerie will be sharing her expertise with you to help unleash the best possible runner within you.

Here is an introduction from Valerie on how you can start adapting the PoseMethod into your everyday run training.

Curious how Valerie has become an expert in all things running?

Valerie has been a strength and conditioning coach for 25 years in Austin, TX.  Started in a gym as a group fitness instructor/personal trainer, added outdoor endurance coaching 22 years ago, training a group for a 10K. From there, her training shifted to specializing in skill training in 2000. She has since trained athletes of all ages and fitness levels from 5K to 100 milers as well as sprint triathlons to long course.

Valerie specializes in technique training, using the PoseMethod® as the skill base. Video analysis is also an important part of the training so the runner can ‘see’ their form and practice specific drills to correct. Proper position is a priority for both running efficiency and injury prevention.  She also includes strength training, body weight to barbell, to keep her athletes racing stronger, faster and injury free.

Valerie has taught hundreds of runners in person both at her private clinics as well as the CrossFit Endurance and PoseMethod seminars + many more ‘virtually’ through her daily video tips.  Meeting athletes and coaches from all over the world, she has found most to be seeking the same goal, to keep themselves and their athletes race ready and injury free.