A Tour of the Occidental Lanzarote Mar

By Ashley Lauretta

Every year the number of athletes who flock to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands increases and with good reason. Situated off the coast of West Africa, the Spanish island has everything a triathlete could want: near-perfect weather year-round and some of the most epic climbs that will prepare you for pretty much any course out there.

One hotel in Lanzarote is elevating the destination to the next level by making training—and life—easier for triathletes traveling to the area to train. The Occidental Lanzarote Mar is known as the ‘hotel for sports lovers’ and will provide you will everything you need to seamlessly integrate training into your trip.

The hotel even as a sports manager, Alberto Lorrio, who oversees multiple departments to keep athletes well fed, well rested and ready to train.

“People looking for a sports hotel such as ours seek the highest quality sporting facilities, a location close to other possible training areas, and high quality rooms that ensure maximum relaxation and fast recovery to continue training the next day,” acknowledges Lorrio. “ That is exactly what we offer them, helping them with anything they may need during their stay.”

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why the Occidental Lanzarote Mar stands out as the premier destination for triathletes:

Its spectacular sporting facilities.

In addition to a spectacular Olympic pool with 10 lanes, a full gymnasium, strength training box and a wellness centre ideal for relaxing after all that effort, the hotel also has a top of the line bicycle rental center. This well-known establishment includes the innovative BKool cycling simulator, which allows you to train as if you were ascending the highest mountain range in the Alps.

Its sports rooms and altitude equipment.

“When an athlete prepares for competition they need to train, eat properly and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep to ensure proper recovery and be able to continue the next day with the same energy, or even more,” explains Lorrio. This is why the suites at the Occidental Lanzarote Mar include large beds, jacuzzi bathtubs and saunas, ideal for relaxing, and a spacious terrace with direct access to the private area that the complex has provided for functional stretching.

Its proximity to other training areas.

With the growth of triathlon and IRONMAN events, participants must practice outdoor activities such as cycling, running or swimming in open waters, all of which is possible almost immediately outside the hotel upon exiting the facilities at the Occidental Lanzarote Playa.

Its custom service.

Lanzarote is not only a training venue, but is also host to important trail, racing, open water swimming and triathlon competitions. If you’re racing nearby and need a place to stay, the hotel offers a custom service, which includes full competition information, race number management, transfers to race venues and other services such as technical advice prior to races and the preparation of specific menus.

Its leisure offering for the entire family.

One of the most valued details by our athletes is the organization of activities for family members, involving excursions and sporting activities such as surfing, windsurfing, golf and yoga, or fun activities for kids and beauty treatments at the spa. You’ll know your family is being well taken care of—and entertained—while you are off training.