3x World Champion Lesley Paterson is hosting a fully funded 3 day triathlon camp this summer for young adults ages 18 to 22 who are at a cross-roads in their lives and for participants from the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The program will take campers on a physical and mental journey designed to help them overcome fears and reach their full potential.

Interested applicants will be accepted into The Braveheart Bootcamp Triathlon Challenge based on their expressed desire, the economic, social and athletic challenges that they face, their enthusiasm and submitted essays and/or videos. The camp will start this coming Tuesday morning, with a kick off at Road Runner Sports in San Diego and run July 23-26.

Meet the Braveheart Bootcamp Participants:

Theo Tucker, Age 20, San Diego, CA

Hi my name is Theola Le’Mon Tucker. I am from a family of 5 boys. I enjoy working out, trying new things that are legal, and making friends with every person I see. My plans for the future are to finnish college, and put my education to use in the army, and start a family. One of the biggest life challenges that I currently face is moving from house to house. I am trying hard to better myself in my education and in sports so that I can better my future. I am worried that I won’t make it out of school because I have to put a roof over my head.

Dylan Hendricks, Age 19, Mountain Green, Utah

I am looking forward to seeing how far I can mentally and physically push my body throughout the course of the bootcamp. My hobbies include mountain biking, spending time with family and friends, snowboarding, canyoneering, and camping. Nothing compares to spending time with my family and friends outdoors. Recently, my parents filed for divorce. It hits you hard finding out the amazing family you grew up in will be split in two. I am super excited to attend the camp to support other individuals who face hardships in their lives, further my knowledge and abilities for future triathlons that I plan to compete in.

Jezzyl Rose Caminos, Age 18, El Cajon, CA

I came from the Philippines and I have been in United States for almost 7 years. Before I came here my hobbies were playing games, riding bikes, and going to the beach with my cousins and friends. When I came here everything changed. It was hard for me to change everything because I didn’t grow up here, but I tried my best to be one of the people here in America; smart, confident, and active. Even though I’m still young, I faced so many problems already. But working out at the park and gym makes me feel better because I know in the future this will help me. My plans for my future is to join U.S. Navy.

Lucero Gonzalez (Lucy), Age 22, San Diego, CA

I am a Mexican American woman that was born in San Diego. I am currently in my fourth year at San Diego State University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Spanish. I used to be a shy girl and even though I’m still a little shy, this experience is definitely going to help me get out of my comfortable zone and will help me explore even more about what a real athlete is. One of my biggest fears is not being able to get the higher education I want, to become someone in life. The biggest challenge I face is working to get the money I need for school since my parents are not able to support me financially for my higher education.

Bri-Jae Scarbrough, Age 19, San Diego, CA

I am a second year student at the University of California San Diego majoring in the field of human biology. My plans for the future involve joining the military to become an officer in the Air Force after graduating from college. I have never participated in a triathlon before let alone any marathon, so I am nervous yet eager to participate in the camp with a professional. The cycle of working hard but not having much time for myself takes a toll on my ability to continue; sometimes I feel like giving up. However, it is the thought of being successful that keeps my spirits up and my motivation strong.

Vincent Culliver, Age 18, San Diego, CA

My number one goal is to find happiness in what I do for a living. I see many without that. I see that most with that luxury are in touch with the outdoors in some way. I also want to take better care of my body, and break a chain of bad habits by replacing them with mentally and physically challenging activities. I would also like to compete athletically and push my physical boundaries. I love sports and have only been lacking motivation.I just recently hit some academic road blocks that have set me back. However, through my positive surroundings and mind-state I am confident I can overcome them with ease.

Umida Lesecko, Age 20, San Diego, CA

I was born without a lower left leg, and with deficiencies to my hands, as well as my right foot. Sent to an Uzbekistan orphanage at eight days old, my fate there was dismal. As an orphan in Uzbekistan, I had many challenges, ones that would be difficult for any child, but particularly for a girl with disabilities. Fast forward to 2013. I am an all-American girl with a joyous smile and passion for athletics, music, pets and church. I have one speed and that speed is “GO!” I love to RACE, whether it’s on a track, on a bicycle, or in the water.