Are you a triathlete, a triathlon coach, a tri-bike expert? Or a nutritionist with a bend for endurance athletics? Do you race a lot and have some good stories to tell? Or perhaps you have a specific viewpoint on triathlon that would stir a healthy discussion?

LAVA Mag is looking for the next generation of writers, coaches, nutritionists and tech editors to be a part of the LAVA mission: Write about the sport, the people in the sport, and how to do the sport better and longer.

A personal note: I’ve been writing about triathlon since 1996. I’ve been lucky enough to serve for several triathlon magazines as editor-in-chief: Triathlete, Inside Triathlon and LAVA.

One mistake I’ve made in the past that I wish to rectify is not opening the door for new voices and young endurance journalists.

I am particularly interested in hearing from athletes, coaches and specialty experts that have new and potent ideas on how to better go about improving age-grouper race performance, given the usually time restrictions that go along with having a demanding career, a family, or both.

Also those pursuing triathlon while in college or grad school.

Specific editorial territories I have in mind:

—Profiles on top age-groupers, pros and those in the tri world who are doing something well or making a positive difference in the sport.

—Tri-bike reviews (and everything tri-bike: From wheels to power meters to helmets to drinking systems).

—Training plans, strategies, ideas and tech; race reports and race reviews; travel stories.

—Wetsuits and other swim gear

—Running shoes and gear

—Nutritional strategies and supplements

—Injury prevention; recovery techniques, tech and strategies

—Also, essays and op-eds on the state of the sport, the future of the sport, policy, the tri-industry and whatever else it is you might feel needs to be said.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email with your area of interest, your background supporting that interest, and any writing samples.  Please write “Freelance” in the subject heading.

Thank you for your interest.


T.J. Murphy