Every athlete knows that the body controls the mind to an unlimited degree. For this reason, Orca launched a new project, The Iron Minds. A documentary that underlines the importance of mental preparation when it comes to facing a test as tough as triathlon. Training, strength and physical resilience are vital, but the power of the mind is crucial if you want to become a true triathlete.

Three stars of the Orca brand play leading roles in this project: Ã…sa Lundström, the Kalmar Iron Man champion; Andrew Starykowicz, the fastest Iron Man cyclist in history over the 70.3 distance; and Sebastian Kienle, the Iron Man70.3 Champion. Macca, Courtney Atkinson, Manny Huerta, Albert Moreno, Jenny Schulz, Ariane Monticeli, Camila Alonso, Melina Alonso and Matt Sharp also participate with their tips on www.theironminds.com. The filming took place in Bilbao, to coincide with the triathlon being hosted in the city. It consisted of shooting training, interviews, and extracts of everyday life with each of them – as well as the competition itself. The result is one documentary and three trailers, one for each of the athletes.

The documentary was directed by Javier Navarro, an accomplished commercial director for agencies including Tiempo BBDO, JWT and McCann Erickson Worldwide. His commercial work includes such high-profile brands as Coca Cola, Visa, Kenwood and Nestle. Navarro said his experience covering professional triathletes was rewarding. “They live and express themselves as people who work very hard to improve their performance, always taking something away from their experiences with things outside of their control. Their medium is sport, but their goal is always to grow in knowledge of how they can use their body and mind as a vehicle for improvement.”

The documentary’s creative director, Tómas Ferrándiz of Tiempo BBDO said that the documentary project’s goal was to harness the power of the human mind. “It is the most powerful organ that we have. It allows us to do the most amazing things even when they seem impossible to achieve. That was the key idea that led us to The Iron Minds project, we wanted to show the huge power and importance that the mind has in triathlon over the physical preparation, technique and even every technological aspect.”