Kopin® Corporation, a leading developer and provider of innovative wearable technologies and solutions for head-worn computing and display systems, unleashes SolosTM , an ultra-lightweight performance eyewear streamlined for aerodynamics, style and comfort. Solos allows cyclists to easily access real-time performance data from their smartphone or wearable sensors on its high-resolution head-up display.

“The Solos Team has worked directly with professional cyclists to ascertain the critical feedback for smart eyewear that would optimize their performance in a minimalist, functional and fashionable design,” commented Dr. Ernesto Martinez, Project Leader of Solos. “The key insights included, keeping it lightweight, streamlined, intuitive to operate and minimize eyes off the road. These design pillars are evident throughout Solos, giving riders exactly what they need and nothing that they don’t.”

World’s Smallest Smart Glass Display

Solos employs Kopin’s VistaTM display which measures only 4mm in height, as small as the size of a human pupil, yet casts a large 5-inch virtual screen with bright, highresolution full color graphics. Solos provides a wide range of adjustability, allowing cyclists to modify the position of the display based on their unique riding posture like training for a triathlon, hitting a century ride, or blazing through mountain trails. The translucent virtual screen provides a vibrant and bright, sunlight readable image that cuts glare to maximize visual clarity and provide a safe experience for any journey whether it’s a dimly lit morning ride, bright daylight ride or setting stride into the evening sunset.

Aerodynamically Designed for Maximum Speed and Comfort

From the form factor to material selection, every design decision behind Solos was meticulously analyzed and tested in wind tunnels to ensure minimal drag and optimal comfort. Ergonomically designed, Solos comfortably rests on any cyclists face, blends seamlessly with the helmet and features anti-slip temple and nose pads for ultimate grip during high-intensity training. The lightweight and flexible frames are crafted with the industry’s most durable high-end polycarbonate to protect from impact, wind, dust and shocks.

Bio-Inspired Technology

Solos embraces a “Bio-Inspired” design philosophy which signifies that every element of the product is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your body. With an in–depth understanding of human physiology, Solos Vista display with easily adjustable viewing position minimizes strain on the eye from long-term rides. The proprietary Whisperâ„¢ technology with advanced voice extraction technology allows voice commands to control the display settings without lifting a finger. The integrated near-ear stereo speaker system with ambient monitoring provides dynamic volume control to deliver performance cues that can be clearly heard above the noise of the road and wind.

A Powerful Ecosystem

Kopin’s Solos provides a holistic platform of sensory information, and delivers enhanced performance metrics such as heart rate, speed, power, pace, cadence, distance, duration, and other Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible data. Solos pairs with your smartphone to access caller ID, notifications and social media. The Solos app captures, streams and syncs data, allowing cyclists to fine-tune their workouts and closely track target performance levels in real-time. It also supports existing training programs and new tool development allowing users to optimize their training experience.

Solos Features Include:

  • Vistaâ„¢ Heads Up Micro Display: The proprietary, sunlight readable, high resolution display provides a 5” virtual images that is 4x larger than typical premium bike computers. Bio-inspired design, enables a highly adjustable position for optimal viewing angles that can be easily seen in all lighting conditions.
  • Whisperâ„¢ Bio-Acoustic Audio with VXT Voice Extraction Technology that effectively separates human voice from road noise for robust voice control and AGC Dynamic Volume control to present clear voice, cues, music and data in the ever changing variety of ambient audio conditions.
  • Simaxâ„¢ High-Density Lithium-Silicon Battery, exclusively designed for Solos is housed within the slim eyeglass frame, providing more than one hundred miles or 6 hours of uninterrupted power.
  • Solos Smartphone App: Performance metrics (heart rate, cadence, power, speed) directly communicated to iOS devices and Android devices. The streamlined app supports upload and sync with market leading applications.
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Interchangeable safety-rated (ANSI Z87) lenses are available in clear, polarized and iridescent orange.

Learn more about Kopin by visiting www.kopin.com or find out more information about Solos by visiting www.solos-wearables.com.

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