Klean Athlete®, a line of NSF Certified for Sport® nutritional supplements designed to support the healthy lifestyle and promote peak performance of the athlete in all of us, today announces the launch of the new Klean Oathâ„¢, a community of athletes who have come together to pledge their commitment to live, train and compete clean.  Athletes can visit www.kleanoath.com to take The Oath and join the community of like-minded individuals who rely on hard work to achieve their goals.

“We created the Klean Oathâ„¢ as a way for all athletes, from the weekend warrior to the amateur and professional competitor, to share their promise to train clean and connect with others who adhere to this lifestyle,” says Timothy Monk, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Douglas Laboratories®, a multiple marathon and triathlon finisher including the Ironman® World Championships. “This oath serves as reinforcement of our team’s personal mission to provide athletes with supplements that support, rather than enhance, peak performance.”

First introduced at Klean Athlete®’s hometown Pittsburgh Marathon in May, the Klean Oathâ„¢ states: “I am an athlete. I am committed to peak performance. I believe in smart training, healthy living and optimal nutrition. My results are mine, and mine alone. I am not just an athlete. I am a Klean Athlete®!”

To take the Klean Oathâ„¢ and join the community, athletes simply submit their name and sport(s) with the option of sharing the story of what makes them a Klean Athlete. Those who share their story between July 1, 2013 and August 12, 2013 will be entered to win a Klean Athlete Sponsorship package including a year’s supply of Klean Athlete® supplements, an upcoming race entry fee, a custom race kit, and Klean Athlete® gear.

To learn more about the growing Klean Athlete® community or to take the Klean Oathâ„¢, please visit www.kleanoath.com.