Unstoppable might be a good word to describe U.S.A.F Major Ken Corigliano. Originally a guy who hated running (at his first college cross-country practice he quit after a half-mile), here are a few of his achievements:
NCAA’s On-Campus Student-Athlete of the Year in 2003, Air Force Athlete of the Year in 2007 and in 2011 he was a double-gold medalist at the Armed Forces Triathlon Championships.

In 2008, he had the honor of serving as the Department of Defense liaison for the Beijing Summer Olympic Games. In 2011, he was a double gold medalist at the Armed Forces Triathlon Championships. Add to that Officer of the Year in his unit in 2009, and recipient of a Commendation Medal after returning from combat deployments in 2009 and 2011.
Advice he once offered on doing well in triathlon: “Don’t make it a New Year’s Resolution. Make it a ‘New You’ resolution. Drop all the negativity and watch how you talk to yourself. I learned from Dr. Simone, the world’s leading physician in cancer, that 85 percent of what you accomplish is your decision to get it done-the remaining 15 percent of it is what you are born with.”
Perhaps Corigliano’s most difficult challenge has been one shared by more than 350,000 in the Armed Forces since 2000: Dealing with traumatic brain injury. In this interview, the elite age-group athlete and decorated officer talks about his approach to life, triathlon and challenge.