Chris McCormack, 2x Ironman World Champion and 2x ITU World Champion triathlete, joins K-EDGE for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

K-EDGE has become cycling’s leader in upgrade Computer Mounts, Camera Mounts and Chain Catchers. With Chris’ assistance in spreading the word, the sport of triathlon will soon be familiar with the benefits of the K-EDGE brand’s precision-machined products. K-EDGE proudly designs and manufactures all of its products in the company’s Boise, Idaho facilities.

K-EDGE’s first product – the Chain Catcher – was created for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Time Trial, to ensure that US Olympian Kristin Armstrong could successfully make a potentially risky shift to the small chain ring at the start of the final climb to the finish line. Kristin won the Gold in 2008 and returned again – with a newer version of K-EDGE’s Chain Catcher installed – to win Olympic Gold in 2012. In the seasons to come McCormack will use K-EDGE’s products at the highest levels of triathlon.

McCormack explains, “The little details can make your race or your training ride that much sweeter. Just the satisfying feel of clicking my computer into a K-EDGE Computer Mount gives me confidence. And when it’s time to shoot some video there’s no better mount for attaching your camera. In triathlon, there are so many variables at play on any given day. I look forward to working with K-EDGE. They make high quality products that’ll help me go faster, shoot great video and ensure that the race-day odds are in my favor.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with such an icon in triathlon,” states K-EDGE co-owner Joe Savola. “K-EDGE and Chris will organize an on-line giveaway so that each month a lucky fan will win an assortment of the same K-EDGE products Chris uses. It will be a fun way to introduce K-EDGE to more triathletes and tri fans. Working with Chris and hearing his feedback will help us continue to fine-tune our products so that we offer triathletes the very best from K-EDGE.”