By T.J. Murphy
As I sit here typing on my laptop, I’m not particularly curious about what my heart rate it and I know that my power output is low. I’m just typing.
But one measurement would tell me a lot about what my training and diet is doing for my metabolic engine. How much stored body fat am I using for energy? In other words, am I succeeding in turning myself into a fat burning machine?
The LEVL is a machine engineered to give me an accurate portrait of what the answer to that question is. And over time, if the type of training and/or diet I am adhering to is making me more efficient at burning fat or less.
I will have the LEVL for about six months and in that time I am looking forward to graphing my data in this regard. In the past, I’ve used ketone blood testing meters and strips to get this kind of data, but 1) ketone blood testing strips cost $4 to $5 a pop and 2) I really don’t get any joy out of punching my fingers for blood.
I’ve just opened the box and now need to go about charging it up for a day and calibrating it. More info to come.
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