photo credit: Rafael Avilés

Taking on his first full IRONMAN since Kona, Jan Frodeno looks to validate his 2017 slot at World Championships with IRONMAN Lanzarote this Saturday. Equal parts beautiful and challenging, Frodeno will have his work cut out for him this weekend with a grueling course and some solid talent. Among a lengthy men’s start list are 2014 champion Romain Guiallaume, Timo Bracht and American Jesse Thomas.

For the women, defending champion Diana Riesler will be up against a notably shorter start list as she looks to claim victory for the second year in a row.

The full pro start lists:

Pro Men

1 Jan Frodeno (GER)
2 Romain Guillaume (FRA)
3 Timo Bracht (GER)
4 Miquel Blanchart Tintó (ESP)
5 Ivan Raña Fuentes (ESP)
6 Jesse Thomas (USA)
7 David McNamee (GBR)
8 Stephen Bayliss (GBR)
9 Nicholas Ward Muñoz (GBR)
21 Till Schramm (GER)
22 Esben Hovgaard (DEN)
23 Marcus Hultgren (SWE)
24 Karl‐Johan Danielsson (SWE)
25 Jim Thijs (BEL)
26 Michael Louys (BEL)
27 Diego Van Looy (BEL)
28 Rob Bobbaers (BEL)
29 John Galindo (ESP)
30 Eneko Elosegi (ESP)
31 Francisco Fernandez Cortes (ESP)
32 Enric Gussinyer (ESP)
33 Rayco Marrero Avero (ESP)
34 Carlos López Díaz (ESP)
35 Erik‐Simon Strijk (NED)
36 Mikita Hryhoryeu (BLR)
37 Alen Kralj (SVN)
38 Marek Nemčík (SVK)
39 Andrey Lyatskiy (RUS)
40 Frederic Garcia (FRA)
41 Gilian Oriet (SUI)
42 Dominic Rohan‐Gates (GBR)
43 Harry Springall (GBR)
44 Graeme Stewart (GBR)
45 Harry Wiltshire (GBR)
46 Craig Twigg (GBR)
47 Johann Ackermann (GER)
48 Marcel Bischof (GER)
49 Roman Deisenhofer (GER)
50 Marc Duelsen (GER)
51 Armin Atzlinger (AUT)
52 Chris Baird (USA)


10 Diana Riesler (GER)
11 Caroline Livesey (GBR)
12 Anne Jensen (DEN)
13 Saleta Castro Nogueira (ESP)
14 Jeanne Collonge (FRA)
15 Tine Holst (DEN)
16 Lucy Charles (GBR)
17 Alexandra Tondeur (BEL)
18 Nicole Woysch (GER)
19 Alyssa Godesky (USA)
20 Jocelyn McCauley (USA)

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