30 year old Danish triathlete Camilla Pedersen, the 2013 IRONMAN European Champion, is currently in the hospital after a bike crash yesterday evening.

Camilla Pedersen received a fracture to the skull and bleeding in the brain and therefore she has been put in an artificial coma and respiratory support until Sunday to relieve pressure on her brain and to drain the bleedings.

She is in critical but stable condition following the crash and won’t be taken off the respiratory support until the weekend to give her the best possible recovery.

The Danish triathlete was training with a group from her club in her hometown Esbjerg. Suddenly a situation with a group of children trying to cross the road appears in front of the training group accidentally causing Camilla Pedersen to crash.

“We are all shocked about this situation and wishes a quick recovery for Camilla. This affects us all deeply, it’s terrible when serious crashes like these happen to athletes so close to you. My only focus now is that Camilla recovers from the crash,” Michael Krüger, coach of Camilla Pedersen says.