After listening to the recommendations of several professional triathletes, including LAVA contributor Jordan Rapp, The World Triathlon Corporation announced that they will be making a number of changes to the Kona Points Ranking (KPR) system for the 2014 qualifying year.

The biggest change is an increase in the amount of points that the Ironman World Championship will have available, which will be increased to 8,000 from 6,000. This means that the points ranking system is now on the same scale for the 70.3 Points Ranking (70.3PR) and KPR systems. Additionally, there will now only be three different levels of point scoring available for Ironman events: 8,000, 4,000 and 2,000—effectively removing the 1,000 level. All scoring levels for Ironman 70.3 points rankings will remain unchanged.

What this will create will be a steeper drop-off of points at all Ironman events. According to Ironman CEP Andrew Messick, the changes were the result of athlete feedback that there needed to be more of a reward for athletes who finish in the top-10 at the Ironman World Championship, as well as for athletes who finish in the top-five at regional championship events and top-three in all other Ironman events.

The changes to the points system will start at Ironman 70.3 Timberman in August for the 70.3 PR and Ironman Wisconsin in September for the KPR.