OK, as a photographer, we’re pretty geeked out on this one; we are huge fans of the tiny cameras for their ability to be everywhere, every time. But even for the neophyte, the new Hero5 (and the new Karma drone) puts GoPro to the front of the camera game again.

goprotouchscreenmonitorWe got to touch and feel the Hero 5 and fell in love instantly. It’s easy when the thing is just super easy to use… which was the brand’s overarching mission statement: ease of use. GoPro bought an app called Quik allowing users to upload a selection of videos, with the app pulling sections of the clip, cutting them together with clean blends and adding music, allowing you to created and post a 30-second Instagram video of your workout, right from your smart phone.

The camera is as easy to use. For one, a case is no longer necessary; the unit is waterproof out of the box, ready to go. A rear-facing touchscreen has auto orientation and complete instant mode adjustment.

That too complicated? Heck, just tell it what to do. Using a voice sensor, you can simply give your camera commads, and they activate immediately. “GoPro, turn on, GoPro, take a picture, GoPro, begin video, GoPro, turn off.” For us, voice control that makes this thing an absolute winner. No fumbling around to get the shot while the action passes; it simply does what you tell it to.

But our favorite feature? It’s actually an easter egg: you may already be familiar with GoPro’s ability to allow you to “tag” a moment during recording (a sweeping corner, a big mountain bike drop, that POV aid station water handoff). Now incorporating Hero 5’s voice-activated capabilities, your Hero5 will automatically tag any moment where the user says that signature catch phrase when something either rad or dangerous is about to go down: “Oh, shit!”

Yep, GoPro created an Oh Shit auto tag.. capturing that “oh, shit” moment. We love it.