With this weekend’s two important Ironman races—in Frankfurt and Lake Placid—there was a great deal of movement in the Kona Pro Rankings. With Frankfurt being the European Championships, it earned athletes 4000 points, making a significant impact on the overall rankings.

On the women’s side, Caroline Steffen and Yvonne Van Vlerken took over the first and second KPR slots, respectively. The biggest move was second-place Ironman Frankfurt finisher, Lucie Zelenkova, who moved from outside the top 50 to the 19th position. Virginia Berasategui finished tenth in Frankfurt, validating her slot to Kona. All the top women now appear to have completed the Kona qualification process. It’s now down to one more weekend of racing (Ironman UK and Calgary 70.3), though neither event is on the high on the points scale) for the first round of July qualifiers for Kona.

On the men’s side, Faris Al-Sultan not only validated his Kona slot but moved up over 30 places to fourth in the KPR. A solid race by Luke McKenzie, who placed sixth, put him firmly into qualifying territory as well. The only top male athletes still to validate their starts at the world championships in October are the Raelert Brothers. Michael Raelert’s withdrawal from Frankfurt this weekend leaves him outside of the top 40, with July qualifying upcoming.