Scrambling for a last minute gift idea? See what the pros are asking for (or giving) this holiday season. We’re impressed with their creativity!

Ben Hoffman

1. Swine and Wine! Bacon and Bottles gift pack from IMT and Tender Belly makes a great gift for the holiday “offseason.”

2. Something I have found to be a great companion is the Grain Audio PWS Bluetooth speaker. It’s nice to be able to put some tunes on in style anywhere you go.

Linsey Corbin

1. A nice set of headphones. I have a set of wireless Beats by Dre I use almost daily.

2. A pair of the world’s most comfy sweatpants!

Joe Gambles

1. Stand up paddle board

2. Newest edition GoPro

Chris McDonald

1. Bottle of “BigSexy” wine – Nothing says holidays like a nice bottle of wine to have and to share with friends and family!

2. Watch  – Every athlete keeps time for just about everything in there life and we all love a nice watch.

3. Bags for travel or transition – Triathlon involves a great amount of travel and organization. A great bag to organize things when heading to transition in the morning is always a greats idea to reduce stress for your athlete.

Heather Jackson

1. Believe Training Journal – an awesome way to track your training and weekly schedule plus it was created by two rad girls.

2. Nespresso machine – any machine that makes delicious coffee and espresso in just seconds is on the top of my list!

Callum Millward

1. Being a New Zealander, I’d host a big Christmas dinner which would likely be a BBQ with sausages, burgers, chicken. This wouldn’t be complete without a Pavlova for dessert, dressed in berries, kiwi and plenty of whipped cream.

2. Or I’d love to receive a decked out Audi Q7. I think I’m at a stage in life where my car value should exceed my bicycle value. Until then, it can go on my vision board.

Jesse Thomas

1. The Picky Club – monthly goodness delivered to your door! It’s honestly super convenient and the most cost effective way to get some top notch nutrition. You can scale the club up or down depending on how heavily your training (or just eating in general, like I do). Plus you get a T shirt to start and other awesome prizes as we develop them.

Guy Crawford

1. The Gift of Air Points to family or friends: I don’t get home much these days! So the giving (or receiving) of air points is an awesome way to get Mum or Mom over for a weekend.

2. Noise Canceling Headphones – Fly often? Just think with these headphones, there are no more screaming babies, no more loud noises, except the ones in your head, I can’t help with those!