In our first installment of our new “Get to know an Olympian” series we check in with American Sarah True—the athlete formerly known as Sarah Groff—who is currently training in Australia ahead of the ITU World Triathlon Gold Coast on April 9. True just wrapped up a big winter training block in Athens, Georgia, along with her Olympic-hopeful husband Ben True, who is looking to represent Team USA on the track in the 5K and 10K. The New Hampshire native finished fourth at the 2012 London Olympic Triathlon and she heads into Rio as one of the medal favorites.

What’s your favorite country (other than ‘Merica) and why?

Switzerland. Other than the fact that it’s insanely expensive, it’s like an adult’s Disney World. Between the chocolate, scenic landscapes and my favorite breed of cow (Swiss Brown), it’s almost too perfect.

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food (or booze)?


What are the best and worst movies you’ve seen in the past year?

Best: Straight Outta Compton.

Worst: Any number of Ben’s weird Netflix picks. I love the guy but his taste in movies can be questionable.

What do you miss most about New Hampshire when you’re away from home (aside from Ben)?

Aside from Ben and my family, I miss the rural landscape, breakfast at Lou’s and our farmer’s market.

If you weren’t a professional triathlete, what would you be doing for a living?

If I’d never been a triathlete, I would have gotten involved with land conservation. That’s said, I now most likely won’t be going into that field post-triathlon.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given (whether it has to do with triathlon or not)?

Learn to be independent and self-reliant. You’ll be stronger for it and a better life partner.

Where is one place you’d most like to visit that you’ve never been and why?

Since living in Spain after high school, I’ve wanted to hike the Camino de Santiago, a trek that takes one across northern Spain. I love the history, culture and language of Spain and doing the pilgrimage would be an incredible way to experience the country on foot. I haven’t done it yet since the last thing that any athlete would want to do in the off-season is to walk that distance.

What’s the hardest workout you’ve done in the past year?

I did one bike session at altitude in France this past summer with Seth Rider, one of my training partners in my former squad.  It was 3 times 15 minutes of trying to hang on his wheel for dear life and occasionally take a pull. He’s a junior but the kid can definitely ride a bike.

What song gets you more pumped up than any other?

Depends on my mood, but old school hip-hop and alternative classics like The Pixies “Debaser” are in the mix.

If you win a medal in Rio, describe what kind of party you would throw when you got back home…

I’d open it up to the Hanover community and have lots of local brew, good food and New Hampshire-style entertainment. It will be epic.