Photos by Jennifer Ward Barber


The world’s largest rainforest, together with a special-forces branch of the Brazilian military, played host yesterday to some hardcore off-road triathletes. This race makes other triathlons look like a Sunday afternoon stroll.

First off, many of these athletes traveled great distances to reach the comparatively remote region of the country. The ones that didn’t camp out in the jungle the night before took a 4 a.m. bus followed by a boat ride to the race site, located on an army base about 20 miles outside of Manaus. Add in melting hot and steamy race day conditions and you’ve got yourself an experience—at the very least—and LAVA was there to throw our hat in the mix. Stay tuned for a full report in our next print issue, but for now, a few teasers.


XTERRA Brazil Championship

Manaus, Amazonia

June 10, 2011


Top 5 Men

1. Benjamin Allen (AUS) 2:27:09

2. Felipe Moletta (BRA) 2:29:38

3. Sam Gardner (GBR) 2:31:04

4. Rodrigo Alfatini (BRA) 2:37:42

5. Maximiliano Morales (ARG) 2:39:34

Top 5 Women

1. Carina Wasle (AUT) 2:52:33

2. Sabrina Gobbo (BRA) 3:14:30

3. Manuela Vilaseca (BRA) 3:20:02

4. Luzia Bello (BRA) 3:22:57

5. Carla Prada (BRA) 3:27:41