LeadmanTri Bend 2013

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With its cold, unbelievably clear swim in Cultus Lake, challenging climb up the pass to Mt. Bachelor (twice if you’re daring the 250) and newly designed running course with non-stop rolling hills around the Tetherow Golf Course—it’s simply amazing what people will do for a belt buckle. But the hometown feel of Life Time’s Leadman Tri Epic 125/250 is what keeps people coming back; from the entire families holding hands while running through the finish line to the live music, farmer’s market and beer garden in full swing just steps from the end of the finish chute.

This year’s race featured temps in the upper 30s to start the day at Cultus Lake, where the previous night’s chill had dropped the lake’s temp to roughly 56 degrees. By the end of the swim, however, the sun began to show, and the temps would rise to the upper-50s in downtown Bend. Up near the highest elevations of the bike, several showers and sleet rolled through, particularly for the athletes doing the 250 course, whereas the athletes doing the 125 course enjoyed much drier conditions.

“That course is no joke,” said the Epic 125 overall winner Sean Harwin, 25, of Issaquah, Wash., who won in a time of 4:23:52. “It’s so beautiful, but we had some elements out there today. It was sleeting on us a little near the top of the climb, which was interesting.” The Epic 125 female winner, Heather Lendway, 29, of Saint Paul, Minn., dominated the course, finishing fourth overall in a time of 4:29:50.

The Epic 250 overall winner, Ray Fiori, 37, of Albany, Ore., finished in a time of 9:10:15, and said he managed to stay warm on the bike by wearing enough layers, but the long descents were another story. “It really wasn’t that bad until the final 15-mile descent into town, that was the real killer.” The overall female winner was Shirley Yarde of the United Kingdom, who finished in 11:22:42.

Life Time Leadman Epic 125

Bend, Ore.

Sept. 21, 2013


1. Sean Harwin (USA) 4:23:52

2. Jason Sandquist (CAN) 4:24:21

3. Todd Riley (USA) 4:24:36


1. Heather Lendway (USA) 4:29:50

2. Donna Phelan (CAN) 4:37:30

3. Cathy Yndestad (CAN) 4:44:39


Life Time Epic 250

Bend, Ore.

Sept. 21, 2013


1. Ray Fiori (USA) 9:10:15

2. Matthew Payne (USA) 9:13:11

3. Slater Fletcher (USA) 9:17:51


1. Shirley Yarde (GBR) 11:22:42

2. Stacia Watson (USA) 11:39:58

3. Katie Hafen (USA) 11:48:10