Day two was a mixed bag of events for the team. They started out the day swimming or running, or in my case, doing the “Intensity” DVD with some pumped-up women in the hotel fitness center. (You won’t see any images of this event in the gallery!) After a healthy breakfast put on by the Timex Performance Center staff, the team headed over to the Meadowlands Stadium for a tour and another round of “surprises:” new gear for everyone.

In the afternoon, the team split up in to groups to work on a consumer engagement strategy for Timex’s presence at race expos, and attended sessions on hydration (by the Korey Stringer Institute at UConn) and social media. Many team members chose to get VO2 max tests done as well. Let’s just say there were some happy surprises and some unfortunate disappointments with the results. For others, like this never-before-tested writer, it was just a plain old number. Thankfully, the folks from TargeTraining were on hand ot help us all (experienced or not) interpret our data.

After a short afternoon break, everyone cleaned up for an evening of drinks, food, and mingling. Bob Babbit hosted an entertaining hour of looking to the past and future of the sport, and the team enjoyed connecting with alumni members Linsey Corbin, Chris Legh, and others.

Stay tuned for a full report on the weekend’s events.