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“She needed a hero so she became one.” 
Team Julia and Ironman Family: Paula Newby-Fraser, Scott Tinley, and John Duke  

With love from her family and friends,

On August 4th 2017, Julia Van Cleave suffered a life-changing tragedy while surfing her favorite break in North San Diego County.  She had a hemorrhagic stroke and almost drowned.  Her friend, Sasha, made sure she got safely out of the water and received emergency help.  Her precious life was saved that day, but left her with major health challenges.

Julia is only 64 years young and is a beloved daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother. She is a respected, longtime middle school science teacher of 22 years’ tenure. Her enthusiasm for exploring the world of science has influenced over 8,000+ students.

Julia was a top 10 world-ranked triathlete, completing in 13 full Ironman races (4 championships), and 250+ triathlons. As an elite athlete, she knows all about goal setting, hard core training, and making success happen.  Recovering from this stroke is her ultimate challenge.

Today, Julia’s medical condition is serious. Her stroke impaired her left side of her body, greatly impeding her mobility and impacting other brain functions. She is currently in a neurological rehabilitation center working diligently on all types of therapy and is making progress.  She is facing a difficult road ahead, which will require around-the-clock medical care. Her children, sisters, and mother are doing their best to support her every day.

Julia is used to tough tests and overcoming them. Beating the odds and winning is how she approaches life.  She is a fighter and a survivor.

Regrettably, the road to regaining her life and independence is fraught with huge financial burdens.  As a single woman, facing breathtaking expenses, Julia needs a helping hand to make sure she has the successful outcome that all of us want for her and that she can realistically attain. Julia needs therapy and medical support, along with technical medical devices to be able to gain her life back.

Julia wants to contribute to making the world a better place again.  Julia wants to teach again. Julia wants to chase her grandson around again. Julia wants to swim, bike, and run again.

Please help her through your prayers, messages, and generous donations. They will all ensure that Julia has what it takes to continue down the path to full recovery and independence.

Thank you,
Family and Friends
Team Julia and Ironman Family: Paula Newby-Fraser, Scott Tinley, and John Duke

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