Feetures!, a leading manufacturer of performance running socks, is pleased to announce the successful initiation of their September “Pair Up” sales contest.  The promotion, which began September 1st, is challenging retailers to sell one pair of socks for every pair of running shoes sold in-store.  At the end of the month, any retailer who has achieved or surpassed this 1-to-1 ratio will be entered to qualify for a variety of prizes.

The “Pair Up” promotion offers a unique and fun opportunity for run specialty retailers to improve their customers’ in-store experience by educating them on the importance of wearing performance running socks.  The contest also encourages store employees to become involved by letting them create in-store competitions to see which individuals can achieve the highest sock-to-shoe ratio.  So far, over 400 run specialty retailers across the nation are participating in the sales contest.

“We’re thrilled with the participation thus far,” says Joe Gaither, Feetures!’ Marketing Director.  “It’s very exciting because just by having this much participation, we have raised awareness of the importance of the performance sock category. Retailers are taking note of the key metrics like sock to shoe ratios and the big difference that a little focus on the category can make on their customer experience and bottom line.”

For more information about the “Pair Up” sales contest, visit www.feeturesrunning.com/pairuplanding.