Last Thursday was a live Google+ Hangout hosted by Triathlon Research and Endurance Films.  The show was an hour long, and included tons of great Triathlon Training Information on “The Outseason”

Watch the show recording HERE.

During the show, the founder of TriDot, Jeff Booher, put out an amazing offer:

A chance to earn Free Triathlon Training by participating in “The Outseason Project.” The Outseason Project is a large research study on the impact of quality, structured outseason training on Triathlon Fitness. TriDot considers this the most important time of the year to improve your fitness, and they want to prove it with this study.  Friends, I am actually a TriDot athlete, and can tell you that the Outseason is an amazing period to improve, especially the way that TriDot does it. The offer includes the following:

Free Indoor Cycling Training Video

Endurance Films has offered a great free download of an internal set on their award winning RIDES Series DVD.  The free download is off of Florida RIDES along paradise road. RIDES is a great training tool for indoor cycling. Click HERE for the free download.

Free Triathlon Swim Sets Workouts

Suzanne Atkinson, M.D., the founder of TriMastery, is offering a set up Triathlon Swim Sets Workouts. Suzanne is the head of coaching development for Total Immersion Swimming. Click HERE for more information on these Swim Set Workouts.

Discounted Race Entry for 2014

Bill Burnett, the owner of Streamline Events is offering a coupon for 10% off any Streamline Events Race in 2014 to you because you are associated with TriTats. Streamline Events runs 10 races on the East Coast of the United States, from Maine to Florida. On the hangout, Bill spoke about his Clermont Age-Group Draft Legal race, which is an exciting new offering for age group athletes. (FYI – Clermont Florida is close to Disneyworld in Florida.) More info on this event offer HERE.

Finally, they are offering a coupon of 15% off the TriTats – PRO PACK.

Click HERE to pick up a copy of your coupon.  Be sure to watch for the TriTats crew at Kona this Saturday during the Ironman World Championships.