Cameron Dye and Lauren Goss made Rev3 Triathlon Wisconsin Dells a repeat show of REV3 Knoxville. Both athletes took the lead on the bike portion of the course and never looked back. The rain started just as the pros entered the water, which made for cool temperatures and comfortable race conditions.

It was no surprise when Dustin McLarty emerged from the water in the lead. The main group exited Lake Delton one minute back and included all the race favorites – Cameron Dye, Ben Collins, Kyle Leto and Eric Limkemann, and Andrew Starykowicz.

“Dustin crushed that swim,” Dye said. “We got out of the water and I just grabbed my bike and got going. I hammered the first big hill to get away and then built it from there.”

Limkemann, Leto, and Collins rode together, with Drew Scott and David Thompson bridging up late in the bike. Starykowicz, who earlier in the year made a verbal point that each race that he wanted to be in the lead onto the run, was not able to respond to Dye’s fast pace.

Dye left T2 with a 1:17 lead on the field. Collins was next to rack his bike and immediately went on the attack. He took a bit of time out of Dye in the first few miles, but nothing more. Scott was third into T2, with Limkemann, Starykowicz, Thompson, Leto and Brooks Cowan close behind.

A fast charging Kaleb VanOrt ran through the field to grab 3rd, while Cowan ran into 4th and Limkemann held on for 5th.

“I loved the course and the weather,” Limkemann said. “It was just a bit too short for me though today. I am looking forward to Maine in a few weeks, with some Half Revs after that. The finisher medals were some of the best I’ve seen, and I’ve been to a few races!”

“It was a tough hilly run, but I felt strong all day and didn’t give up too much ground running except to Kaleb (VanOrt),” Dye said post-race. “It was a great race and I am starting to like racing in the rain. The course was open wide and was a great venue.”

Limkemann still holds the lead in the series and Dye moves into 2nd. Dye, however, will not race until REV3 Florida, which is a Half Rev. Cunningham still holds 3rd, with Thompson moving into 4th and VanOrt into 5th. With REV3 Maine up next in two weeks, and being an Olympic distance event, the short course racers will have the chance to move farther up in the standings. Cunningham is recovering from a bike crash last month and he hopes to return to the racing circuit for the Branson REV3 event in late September. The series should come down to whether the short course stars can handle the Half Rev distance against the long course veterans.

Jennifer Spieldenner led the women onto land with the fastest swim of the day, while Helle Frederiksen  and Kelly Williamson trailed by 30 seconds. Lauren Goss lost a bit of time to the fast swim and exited T1 just over a minute down. Goss charged hard the first six miles of the bike and made contact with the lead by mile 7. However, no one was letting a large gap open up.

At mile 15 of the bike, Goss, Frederiksen, Spieldenner, Radka Vodickova, Laurel Wassner were all inside one minute, 20 seconds.

“The conditions favored me,” Goss said. “The rain and the cold played to my favor. In order to take the win today, I had to take risks.  I did just that on the bike today and it paid off big! Thanks to The Rev3 team and all the volunteers who stood in the rain to support us.”

The hard, hilly run shook out the women’s race. Goss had the lead off the bike, but Frederiksen was not giving up. At mile three of the run, Goss had 36 seconds. Vodickova ran solid to hold third, Spleldenner grabbed 4th and Jerdonek, in her first REV3 event, rounded out the top five. Goss recorded the fastest bike and run split. Williamson ended up 7th on the day, with Rebecca Wassner in 6th and her sister, Laurel Wassner in 8th.

Goss is leading the women’s series standings, with Williamson still in 2nd. Vodičková was sitting in 10th in the series coming in to today’s race, but moved up to 3rd in the standings after her result today. Goss has stamped her name on that series lead, and with Rev3 Maine being an Olympic distance race, Goss has to be the favorite going in.

Professional Men

·       *1st Cameron Dye – 01:50:55

·       2nd Ben Collins – 01:51:47

·       3rd Kaleb Van Ort – 01:52:33

·       4th Brooks Cowan – 01:53:08

·       5th Eric Limkemann – 01:53:23

Professional Women

·       *1st Lauren Goss – 02:02:08

·       2nd Helle Frederiksen – 02:02:54

·       3rd Radka Vodickova – 02:04:29

·       4th Jennifer Spieldenner – 02:05:10

·       5th Lindsey Jerdonek – 02:06:55

Age Group Winners

Olympic Distance

Men- Nathan Dressel

Women- Molly Woodford


Half Rev Distance

Men- Matthew Hanson

Women- Jana Brady