Dimond Bikes, operating under the Ruster Sports umbrella, unveiled their newest triathlon-specific superbike frameset manufactured in their dedicated production facility in Des Moines, Iowa. The 2014 Dimond builds on superbike designs from the golden age of cycling innovation, and takes a focused approach at optimizing rider, frame, and component aerodynamics. Wind tunnel testing conducted yesterday revealed the Dimond to have between 4%-28% less aerodynamic drag than two other industry leading triathlon bikes at all sampling intervals between 0°-15° of yaw1. This is the latest incarnation of professional triathlete TJ Tollakson’s superbike project. Tollakson, a long-time proponent of advancing aero technology, hired cycling’s engineering visionary David Morse specifically to develop the Dimond superbike.

Rider fit was a key consideration in the initial design stages of the bike. A reversible saddle rail clamp allows for effective seat tube angles between 77°-82°, while moderate headtube stack and reach dimensions sustain riders in a powerful and aerodynamic position. The Dimond achieves its miniscule aerodynamic stature using highly integrated frame members whose truncated airfoil tube shapes are optimized for cycling speeds. A detachable top tube makes for convenient packing and travel, while internal cable routing allows compatibility with either mechanical or electronic drivetrains.

Dimond’s CoalWorks lab, located deep within their 11,000 square-foot frame production facility, plays a key role in the long term strategy at Dimond. “Our manufacturing technology is the foundation of any product we make,” says Morse. “If we’re going to make anything significantly different than what’s already on the market, we need to have the kind of control in manufacturing that gives us both agility implementing new ideas and privacy from competing manufacturers.” The frame is composed entirely of aerospace grade unidirectional pre-preg carbon purchased from manufacturers in USA.

Frameset MSRP $5,950. Pre-orders available now, with open availability starting February 2014. Initial size offerings will run S, M, L.