currex, creators of award-winning sport-specific insoles, introduces MOTIONQUEST, an in-store shoe & insole fitting system that integrates the latest technology to allow retailers to quickly identify the ideal shoe and insole fit for multiple customers at one time. currex, globally known for its leading lab that focuses on footwear research and technologies, currently provides and has provided shoe finding solutions to leading footwear companies such as Mizuno, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Ecco and Lowa among others.

The innovative new modular system utilizes an up to standard high-end dynamic pressure mapping system and computer system to measure not only static and dynamic foot and stride information, but also, includes the knee rotation, considered by biomechanical experts to be an integral factor for identifying the correct running shoe type for an individual. The system allows for any brand and shoe models sold in the retail space to be displayed and offers retail staff guidance for helping customers select the best shoe and insoles to meet their needs.

In a typical retail setting with two footplates, four athletes can be served at one time with results in less than two minutes. The touchscreen module and rapid transfer of information facilitates an environment of absolute efficiency, which when paired with the accurate currex feedback, creates the ideal environment for both retailer and customer.

“As the number one running retailer in Europe, we chose currex MOTIONQUEST as our key partner for providing customized footwear solutions to our customers,” said Rudi Doehnert, Manager of Business Development for Runners Point/Foot Locker Europe. “It is quick, convenient and combines scientific expertise with simple implementation on the sales floor. Our customers have always been very pleased with their insole product, currexSole, and this new technology, has proven very successful with both the staff and customers.”

currex North America CEO Lutz Klein is especially excited to bring this new technology to the U.S. and Canada. He comments, The currex MOTIONQUEST fitting system is unlike any on the market. By combining all of the measurable variables recommended by biomechanical experts to find the ideal running shoe and insole for an athlete, we are able to provide a nearly custom shoe fitting to customers in a matter of minutes.” Current solutions are either brand or product related, but the new currex MOTIONQUEST allows for any shoe to be integrated.