DJO Global/Compex is proud to announce a multi-year sponsorship agreement with multisport “super couple” Timothy O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae. “T.O. and Rinny will both be utilizing Compex for their training and recovery needs as they target the Ironman World Championships this year in Kona HI. O’Donnell is the reigning US 70.3 Pro Champion, former Ironman US Pro Champion and former ITU Long Distance World Champion. Carfrae has held both the Ironman World Championship title as well as the Ironman 70.3 World Champion title.

O’Donnell states, “My Compex Sport Elite is a great part of my training and recovery regimen.  Training for three different sports doesn’t leave much extra time for gym work but with my Compex I can build strength in a short time frame.  My Compex is critical for recovery as well.  The recovery and massage settings on the Sport Elite model allow me to take care of my body, especially when I don’t have time for bodywork or when I’m traveling and I don’t have access to other recovery modes.” “Thanks Compex!”

“Rinny” says, “Compex is a crucial part of my recovery. Ironman racing is demanding and I love that I can recover faster and more efficiently and get more out of my training everyday. The system is small and convenient and perfect for post race flights home. I am excited about the partnership and looking forward to promoting the importance of recovery.”

“Timothy and Mirinda are both class acts,” says Ryan Dolan, Sales and Marketing Director for Compex. “They are two of the most consistent athletes in triathlon. Both are a serious threat to win any time they toe the line. In addition to results, both are well respected within the endurance sports community and we are happy to have them as part of the DJO Global/Compex team.”


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Over the past 20 years, Compex has developed into the leader in electrotherapy through extensive research and innovation. Compex’s flagship electrostimulation devices have become an essential ally to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes.
It is now a widely known training technique, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, and injury prevention.

Compex enables you to achieve enhanced muscle performance. With Compex you can…

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  • Increase endurance
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Rehabilitation, pain relief, recovery, muscular reinforcement, physical beauty…whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend-warrior, Compex electrostimulation devices enable you to achieve, and perhaps exceed your training objectives.