The first sentence of the Red Fox EDGE Wireless Headphones product page says “Finally Wireless Headphones that Stay in Place!” I know what you’re thinking – yea right. Well I’m here to tell you, no truer sentence has ever been uttered. I have gone through so many ill fitting headphones that I was beginning to think that my ears were too small or deformed or something along those lines. Well, my prayers have been answered with the EDGE Wireless Headphones from Red Fox because bottom line: these really do stay in place while running, stair climbing and even box jumping.

When I initially pulled them out of their hard-shell protective case (perfect for safe storage, travel and storing the power cord), my first impression was that they were just a tad heavy, in comparison to traditional headphones, and there was no way they were going to stay in place and not move. There is a little weight on the back of them where the control center is and I was certain they would be bouncing all over the place as I ran. It turns out they do just the opposite; they sit on the nape of your neck and don’t move. The earpieces are slightly large (for me), they don’t exactly fit snugly in my ears but rather they rest over my ears, which works just as well. Not to mention, I like to think having headphones rest over my ears instead of in them must be better for my eardrums, and they also help me keep tabs on outside and ambient noises for safety purposes while running or riding. Although I like to place them over my ears, these can also be flipped and worn with the loop under the ears and they rest snug in place.

The EDGE connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth and the process takes seconds. The initial instructions to connect seemed complicated – “hold this button down, you’ll see a flashing blue and red light and then wait for the rapid flashing not just the slow flashing, and”…. brain explodes. But in reality, do it once and it takes mere seconds from there on out. Very simple. They also have an IPX4 coating which basically means they can withstand quite a bit of sweat and are pretty durable.

I actually didn’t realize until I received the The EDGE that you can also make and receive phone calls with them, and they include SIRI and Google voice integration, making it easy to go hands-free. The three buttons on each side of the headphones allow you to answer a call, hang up, pause and play music, adjust volume up and down, and move tracks forward and back. That’s a whole lot of control in six little buttons! It takes the necessity out of going to your device every time you want to turn the volume down a little or change a song.



I haven’t had the pleasure of getting on the treadmill with them yet, but I get giddy thinking about the fact that I won’t have to worry about my claws chopping at a headphone cord mid-run. If you’re one that likes to watch TV on the treadmill, they also sell a wireless Bluetooth adaptor which is a breeze to use. I can’t be the only one that’s ruined a run on numerous occasions because of a little check in form that results in a stray arm swing followed by a violently flying phone and headphones getting ripped out of my ears, all to spoil the peak of an intense set or interval. Rest assured that these headphones will keep this from happening again.

What’s more, I’ve found myself using these in the office for phone calls, at the gym and even while cooking or out for walks. With a 9 hour battery life and a 30 foot range, they’re quite the package and pack in incredibly sound quality.

Honestly, I think the only tiny drawback with these headphones is just the addition of yet another cord to my stable of power-reliant electronics. However, I discovered this weekend it is a universal cord that also charges my GoPro, among other devices, so really that doesn’t even qualify as a drawback.

Red Fox Wireless Headphones come in four colors and are available online.