The Clean Energy Patch is a brand new product, officially launched February 13, and we were one of the first to get a look at this innovative energy patch. The name says it all: It’s a clean, natural energy source that comes through in patch form (almost identical to KT tape). During my initial test run with it over a 4-day period, I’m impressed with how it works and how I felt. Instead of eating or drinking my energy (especially for those with GI issues), I simply went straight to the source and embraced the patch for a much more efficient and effective form of energy.

The patch is a small (2.25” x 3.5”) square that can be applied almost anywhere on the body, and so sleek and low profile that once applied, you’ll forget it’s even there. The material is that of kinesiology tape so it’s stretchy, lightweight and doesn’t get in the way. It’s important to note that because it is kinesiology tape, you have to be careful when applying not to touch the adhesive side with your fingers so you don’t lose the stickiness. I also recommend clean and oil free skin before applying to ensure that the patch stays on through heavy sweating.

The Clean Energy Patch is calorie free and you don’t have to worry about eating, or  more importantly, digesting anything in order to reap the benefits. The active ingredients on the patch are caffeine (about 35mg), guarana, and cacao, so all naturally occurring energy sources. My first positive reaction before even applying a patch was on a Monday morning when I wanted to get a run in first thing but didn’t have the patience to wait for my coffee to digest, settle and kick in. I was able to just slap a patch on and by the time I got dressed and tied my shoes, I was ready to go.

Skeptical on the effectiveness a patch can provide? When you first put it on you can definitely feel it – at least I could. Caffeine affects everyone differently but I used the patch four days in a row and each time got a similar feeling, almost like when you get a shot and your arm feels a little heavy for a few minutes. I could honestly feel it moving through my body and by no means in a negative way, just that it had a presence. I will reiterate that caffeine affects everyone differently but for me, it felt like the patch adapted to my body and energy needs rather than hitting me like a ton of bricks and then causing a crash.

Their website explains it well– the Clean Energy Provides an (up to) 8 hour “hum” instead of a jittery, short-lived “buzz” a lot of energy sources provide. Given its lower dose of caffeine, it doesn’t necessarily replace your morning coffee routine (which I am very grateful for!), rather, it’s more of a positive complement to that. (Remember, a cup of coffee has about 90mg of caffeine whereas this patch has 30mg.) I was nervous to leave it on for such an extended period of time but the “hum” never faded and each time I took a patch off there was absolutely no crash, you can’t beat that.  I also learned that for those wanting an extra kick, it’s fine to apply two patches as opposed to one. 

Given all of the positive talk of caffeine these days and of course, my need for it to get through my training, I’d recommend this product for triathletes. The Clean Energy Patch is currently available online at and set to be released in select sporting goods stores March 1.