Professional triathlete and Ironman champion, Chris Lieto, has developed a one-of-a-kind training program for triathletes and cyclists of all ability levels: Master The Bike.

Master the Bike is a groundbreaking series of training videos for triathletes and cyclists. It includes explanations and demonstrations of the actual workouts used by Ironman icon Chris Lietotriathlons most respected cyclist for over a decade. Chris took the cycling sessions in Master The Bike straight from his training journalsadapted them for cyclists and triathletes of every ability leveland now hes sharing his secrets for the first time!

Based on more than ten years of experience and on-the-bike research, Master the Bike delivers the framework for a weekly training plan that can be tailored to an athletes fitness level and progress. Chris has simplified the process and put everything triathletes and cyclists need to know into his five essential workouts. Theres no more guesswork! These are the only bike workouts required to do to get more speed, power and endurance.

Master The Bike is designed provide simple, concise information, so that busy athletes save time and get the most out of every workout.

In addition to the workouts (including two trainer workouts), Master The Bike explains how to establish baseline fitness using a threshold test. Also included are downloadable PDFs for each workout and a series of cycling tips.